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Delays in order processing

Due to some personal health issues affecting some of our team members and an expected growth in orders we are currently having a slight backlog in order processing and packaging.

We expect to be back to normal processing times within 2 weeks.

During this time, please bear with us. We’d appreciate it if you don’t send support tickets questioning when your order will be shipped, as this will put extra strain on our support team.

A tool that will show you when you can expect your order to be processed will be made available on Monday.

Thanks for your understanding.

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16 thoughts on “Delays in order processing

  1. I need to know if my order has shipped. I’ve been waiting for over a month. I have a small order. PLEASE SEND MY ORDER A.S.A.P. And please keep me updated with what is going on. I’ve been waiting a month and 2 more weeks is unacceptable. My order is a small order so there is no excuse for such a delay. Please send me a message as to when my order was shipped! Thank you!

  2. I apologise for sending these correspondences, but we are in the dark here and have no way of knowing what is going on with our orders. These orders are EXTREMELY important to say the least. We totally rely on these orders for our day to day health. Please keep me in the loop.

  3. 1st time customer. I hope everything gets sent out in a reasonable time due to the Covid-19 crisis so I can get my research started. Plz dont let me down.

  4. This is my first order, I’ve heard good things. Hope they are all true.. I can’t afford to be ripped of anymore.. Don’t let me down guys.. please

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